Friction stir channeling

Friction stir channeling

The friction stir channel (FSC) extends the friction stir process where an integral channel is fabricated by continuous voids or tunnel defects. FSC can generate the subsurface path in complex shapes as the processing is performed from the workpiece surface. The unique features of the process can fulfil the advanced heat sink applications in critical thermal management systems such as cooling of EV battery cells, data servers, jet engines and aircraft components.

Effect of axial conduction in integral rough friction stir channels: experimental thermo-hydraulic characteristics analyses

Integral mini-channels fabricated in the metal substrate by friction stir channeling process are different from conventional mini-channels due to irregular shape, and large surface roughness. The effect of axial wall conduction on heat transfer in …

Channel formation during friction stir channeling process—A material flow study using X-Ray micro-computed tomography and optical microscopy

In this study, an experiment is performed to investigate material flow and its implication on the channel formation in friction stir channeling process. X-ray Computed Tomography in combination with optical microscopy is used to analyse bulk material …