Friction stir channeling

The friction stir channel (FSC) extends the friction stir process where an integral channel is fabricated by continuous voids or tunnel defects. FSC can generate the subsurface path in complex shapes as the processing is performed from the workpiece surface. The unique features of the process can fulfil the advanced heat sink applications in critical thermal management systems such as cooling of EV battery cells, data servers, jet engines and aircraft components. The geometric parameters (channel shape, size, surface area, surface roughness) decide the thermo-hydraulic performance of the channel.

Our research work is aimed to fabricate integral channels with the desired shape, size, and integrity in advanced materials. We study the effect of processing parameters on channel formation. Channel sustainabilities are tested at vacuum and high-pressure conditions. Mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile, and bending strengths are identified for the channel specimens. Channel performance for the heat transfer applications are predicted numerically and tested experimentally.

Ronit Dey
Senior Software Developer