An assisted heating tool design for FSW of thermoplastics


An assisted heating tool design was used to obtain better weld surface finish, and lower chip formation and material loss during friction stir welding (FSW) of thermoplastics. The welded coupons of polypropylene with various tool rotational speeds were tested under tensile loading to test the efficiency of the tool design. The proposed tool improved the tensile strength of friction stir welded coupons of polypropylene and also produced the welds with more ductility than the conventional FSW tool without additional heating. Lack of heat, the reason for improper fusion and void formation during FSW of thermoplastics, was avoided by the proposed tool design.

Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 239(83-91)
P.N. Banjare, P. Sahlot, and A. Arora. “An assisted heating tool design for FSW of thermoplastics.” Journal of Materials Processing Technology 239 (2017): 83-91.
Pragya N Banjare
Ph.D. Scholar