Cooling rate in 800 to 500 C range from dimensional analysis


Structure and properties of steel welds are affected by their cooling rates in the 800 to 500°C range. The available cooling rate correlations are based mostly on heat conduction equation that ignores convective heat transfer and are inaccurate or empirical in nature and valid only for a limited range of welding conditions. Numerical heat and fluid flow models can accurately calculate cooling rates, but they are not widely available. In the present paper, the authors propose and test a generalised correlation for cooling rate developed through dimensional analysis, valid for a wide range of welding processes, operating parameters and material properties.

Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, 15(5)(423-427)
A. Arora, G. G. Roy and T. DebRoy, 2010. Cooling rate in the 800°C to 500°C range from dimensional analysis. Science and Technology of Welding and Joining. 15(5): 423-427.
Amit Arora
Associate Professor of Materials Engineering

Amit Arora is Associate Professor of Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. He leads the Advanced Materials Processing Research Group at IIT Gandhinagar which works in the area of numerical modeling of welding and joining processes, additive manufacturing processes, and friction stir welding and processing including tool wear during FSW, numerical modeling of dissimilar FSW, and mechanical and electrochemical characterization of friction stir surface composites. Recent works have been published in journals such as Wear, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer.