Heat treatment

Heat treatment of alloys

Aluminum AA6082 extruded plates are solutionized at 520°C, 540°C, 580°C for 30 min. One set of samples were subjected to the natural aging heat treatment for 20 days, and 40 days other set samples were further subjected to artificial aging heat treatment where they are heated at 180°C for four hr to obtain the peak aging condition. Electrical conductivity is measured at different situations and correlated with the microstructural features and mechanical properties.

Variability in Fatigue Life of Near-α Titanium Alloy IMI 834

Most aero-engine components and structures are subjected to life critical fatigue loads during service. Near-α titanium alloy IMI 834 is one candidate aero-engine material that is used as high-pressure compressor discs due to its superior fatigue …