New Horizons in Metallurgy, Materials, and Manufacturing

New Horizons in Metallurgy, Materials, and Manufacturing; (A national workshop organized by Indian Institute of Metals; December 14th - 16th 2020) Organizers: Dr. Amit Arora (IIT Gandhinagar); Dr. Amber Shrivastava (IIT Bombay); Dr. Chandan Srivastava (IISc Bangalore); Dr. Nikhil Dhawan (IIT Roorkee); Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh (IIT Kanpur); Modules - all topics: Principles of Alloy Design; Principles of Alloy Design - ICME; Correlative Microscopy; Additive Manufacturing; Welding and Joining; Ferrous Metallurgy; Non-Ferrous Metallurgy; Materials Recycling; Surface Engineering; Materials Degradation; Bio-Materials; Sensors & Electronic Materials; Energy & Battery Materials; Composite Materials; High Entropy Alloys