Variability in Fatigue Life of Near-α Titanium Alloy IMI 834


Most aero-engine components and structures are subjected to life critical fatigue loads during service. Near-α titanium alloy IMI 834 is one candidate aero-engine material that is used as high-pressure compressor discs due to its superior fatigue strength and creep resistance. The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and high-cycle fatigue behaviour of the material has been studied and reported here. The alloy was solution-heat-treated at 1060°C and subsequently quenched in different media. A strong effect of quench media (cooling rate) on high-cycle fatigue life has been observed. Fractographic investigations were performed to correlate the fracture micro-mechanism with heat treatment. Further, a generalized stress-life model has been deduced from the fatigue data and integrated with finite element analysis to develop a fatigue model for the alloy.

Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 74(979-989)
Bhandari, L., Kumar, J., Balasundar, I., Arora, A.. Variability in Fatigue Life of Near-α Titanium Alloy IMI 834. Trans Indian Inst Met 74, 979–989 (2021).
Litton Bhandari
Ph.D. Scholar

Litton Bhandari is Pursuing PhD in Machine Design Engineering from the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He completed his master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar in the year 2019. He is the alumni of Advanced Materials Processing Research Group (AMPRG) at IIT Gandhinagar. His research interests includes fatigue and fracture analysis of additively manufactured alloys. He is currently working on fatigue and fracture performance of additively manufactured titanium alloys.