Materials Science and Engineering Seminar - Professor Ramana M Pidaparti

Prof. Amit Arora giving memento to Prof. Ramana pidaparti

Professor Ramana M Pidaparti (Fellow of ASME, Royal Aeronautical Society & AAAS) College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Athens, USA gave talk at the MSE Seminar Series, IIT Gandhinagar

Title: Corrosion-Fatigue in Metal Systems through Multiscale Discrete Models


Corrosion-fatigue in metal alloys (aluminum, steel, and titanium) generally involves the formation of pits, pit growth, nucleation of cracks from pits, and the eventual crack propagation to failure. Pitting corrosion-fatigue is recognized to be one of the major potential degradation mechanisms in many metals, when left unchecked, can lead to catastrophic failures. Corrosion pits are seen to significantly shorten the fatigue crack initiation; decrease the threshold stress intensity by 50% or more; and lower the fatigue strength by about 40%. Even though the corrosion and fatigue mechanisms have been studied well individually, the coupled effects of corrosion and fatigue have not been studied in detail. With corrosion-fatigue being generally recognized by the structural integrity community as a potential cause for failure in many structures and materials, and the need for predictive methodologies and models cannot be overstated. This, in turn, would also reduce repair and maintenance costs. Quantitative analysis through multiscale discrete models for corrosion through computational simulations and imaging data that correlates to pitting and cracking is being investigated. These analysis models will be presented and discussed at the conference.

We are grateful to Professor Ramana Pidaparti for visiting the campus and interacting with us. It was our sincere pleasure hosting him on the campus.

Amit Arora
Associate Professor of Materials Engineering

Amit Arora is Associate Professor of Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. He leads the Advanced Materials Processing Research Group at IIT Gandhinagar which works in the area of numerical modeling of welding and joining processes, additive manufacturing processes, and friction stir welding and processing including tool wear during FSW, numerical modeling of dissimilar FSW, and mechanical and electrochemical characterization of friction stir surface composites. Recent works have been published in journals such as Wear, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer.