Materials Science and Engineering Seminar - Professor Gour Gopal Roy

Prof. Gour Gopal Roy

Professor Gour Gopal Roy, Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Associate Dean - SRIC, IIT Kharagpur gave talk at the MSE Seminar Series, IIT Gandhinagar

Title: Role of Fluid Convection in Fusion Welding


Advances in computational hardware and software in recent years have enabled more realistic modelling of physical processes in welding. Examples will be provided where it will be shown that final solidified weld geometry, cooling rates can better be explained by convective heat transfer model empowered by computational fluid dynamics code rather than the codes that are based on heat conduction. Modern convective heat transfer models are able to calculate the weld pool shape, morphology, structure and mushy zone evolution even at very high power densities where the weld pool is very small. The examples will include the diversity in the shape of weldment resulting from surface active elements such as sulphur, wavy weld structure obtained under different welding conditions. It would be shown that the cooling rate calculations in heat affected zone, is also significantly improved by convective heat transfer calculations. Convective heat transfer models predict cooling rates accurately while the conduction based models overestimate cooling rates by several times than the actual experimental value. It will also be shown that beam oscillation during high energy density welding improves the weld property significantly due to churning action of the weld pool.

We are grateful to Professor Gour Gopal Roy for visiting the campus and interacting with us. It was our sincere pleasure hosting him on the campus.

Amit Arora
Associate Professor of Materials Engineering

Amit Arora is Associate Professor of Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. He leads the Advanced Materials Processing Research Group at IIT Gandhinagar which works in the area of numerical modeling of welding and joining processes, additive manufacturing processes, and friction stir welding and processing including tool wear during FSW, numerical modeling of dissimilar FSW, and mechanical and electrochemical characterization of friction stir surface composites. Recent works have been published in journals such as Wear, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer.